This is a store of author fonts and ideas. Here you can see the fonts and buy a licensed version of the font for commercial or personal use.

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1. How to buy a font?

To buy a font, you need to go to the font page by clicking on the font name or the “buy font" button if you are on the main page. On the font page, in the right column there will be a description of the font, the price and the “buy font" button, click on the" buy font " button. After clicking, a pop-up window will appear where you will need to specify an email address, we will send font files there, and specify your payment method. Done. Payment and sending of files takes place using the Gumroad e-commerce service, it is a safe and convenient service.

2. Which payment systems are accepted?

Payment on the site is made using the Gumroad e-commerce service. So, Bank cards, Paypal, Apple and Google Pay are available for payment. The full list can be viewed on the Gumroad page.

3. The "buy font" button does not work.

If you click on the "buy font" button on the font page and nothing happens further or there is a very long loading — try to reload the page and click again. Or try to right-click on the button and select "open in a new tab" or, if you are on a smartphone, make a long tap on the button and select "open in a new tab". Or go to my page on the Gumroad service and buy a font there. The button just causes a pop-up window of the Gumroad service, and sometimes it can fail. The fonts on the website and on the Gumroad page are exactly the same in terms of cost and content.

4. How do you protect my payment data?

Website It has an SSL certificate ( Let's Encrypt organization) and is protected by https encryption. This means that no one will be able to hack the site and get your card data or your personal data. The payment is also made using the reliable Gumroad service, which securely processes your payments.

5. The currency of my country is not the dollar, how are currencies converted?

Prices for fonts are shown in dollars and the purchase is also made in dollars. This is done for the convenience of international purchases. If the currency of your country and the bank is not dollars, then the currency conversion will be made in accordance with the rules and the exchange rate of your bank. The Fontype store has nothing to do with currency conversion and their exchange rate. Please also note that the dollar exchange rate against your currency may change during the day, so prices may vary slightly.

6. Are taxes included in the price of fonts?

Yes, taxes are included in the prices, no additional fees will be charged when buying. The price that you see on the site is the final price.

7. What is the License?

A End User License Agreement (EULA) is a contract that gives the right to use the author's work in their projects. With the help of a license, the author allows you to use the font under certain conditions and, as a rule, for a fee. The license specifies the rights and restrictions on the use of fonts, you accept all the license points when you buy a font on the site

Please read the "License" section so as not to violate the terms. Note: the fonts on there is only one "Unified license", it includes all types of licenses, this is convenient, since for any purpose you will need to buy only it.

8. What kind of license do I need?

On the website there is only one "Unified license". It is suitable for all types of media, so you do not need to choose a specific one, you can just buy a font. This is done for the convenience of choosing.

9. What is a "Unified license" of the site

You probably have heard or know that there are different types of font licenses, for example, web, desktop, E-pub, and others. I think this is inconvenient and confuses people. Therefore, on the site a “Unified license " is presented. That's what it means:

"Unified License" means that fonts are sold on the website under only one license. A Unified license includes all types of familiar licenses and gives you the right to use the font you purchased on your computer, website, app, e-book formats, use in print products, use for logos, etc. You buy one license and can use the font for any purpose on any media. Subject to the rules described in this license. You can read the full text on the license page.

10. What can I do with the "Unified License"?

You can use the font for any purpose, on any media, in any media and formats. Use it for the design of commercial or non-commercial projects.

11. I need a web-only font license, can I purchase a web-only license?

No, you can only purchase a "Unified license" that includes all types of licenses, including the web. If for some reason you need a specific type of license, you can purchase it in the Myfonts store, where all the fonts of the site are also presented

12. How and when will I get the fonts?

You will receive the fonts by email immediately after payment. Usually sending files to email takes a short time — up to a few minutes. If the fonts still did not arrive, check whether your payment was successful. And also check the filters and the "spam" folder on your mail. If there are still no fonts, and the payment was successful, write to me by email, we will try to understand.

13. What font formats will I receive after purchase?

We will send you a font in 5 formats TTF, OTF, WOFF, WOFF2, EOT by email. TTF, OTF formats — for use on the desktop, in print, and so on. These are the most popular and convenient formats, almost all fonts on your computer are installed in these formats. We will also send the WOFF, WOFF2 and EOT formats — they are needed for embedding the font on websites. Since the "Unified license" implies the use of the font on any media and media, you get all the necessary formats at once.

14. Can I test font before purchasing?

Yes, before buying, on the font page, you can download the "trial version”, immediately under the "buy font" button. This is a demo font file, you install it and use it as normal fonts.

15. What does the “trial version” of the font mean?

The tral version means that it is a free font file for testing and fitting it into your layouts and design. This is a demo font file, you install it and use it as normal fonts. This is not a licensed version, it can not be used for final design and commercial purposes. For reference only.

16. Where can I see the font in more detail?

To learn more about the font, you can download the "trial version" or download the "specification". The link to download the "trial version" is located on the font page under the "buy font" button. There is also a link to a pdf document with the font specification. The specification document contains all the font characters and typesetting examples.

17. Can I return the font if it did not fit or did not like it?

No, you can't return fonts. If you are not sure whether they will suit you, then before buying you can download the" trial version " of the font from the font page. You can try on the " trial version” of your layouts and see if the font was suitable for you, and then buy a licensed version.

18. Can I change the shapes of the letters, for example for a logo?

No, you can't change the font pattern. You can paint the font in any colors, gradients, apply color and other effects that do not affect the integrity of the contours of signs and letters. You cannot change or distort the font contours, the directions of Bezier curves, or work with the font in a font editor, such as Glyphs or Fontlab. You can not add or finish drawing letters, signs, missing languages. This is not allowed because the font is an author's work, with its own idea and visual aesthetics, to interfere with it means to violate the original idea of the author of the font. You can view the full list of rights and restrictions on the license agreement page.

19. How many projects can I use the font for?

The license agreement provides for the use of one licensed font for one project. This means that if you make an identity for a brand of T-shirts, you can use the font on their business cards, website, T-shirts, but if a music label comes to you later, you will need to purchase a new license for them.

20. How long is the license valid?

The license is perpetual for its owner and is valid as long as the owner wants to use it. Remember that the license cannot be transferred or resold to other people outside of your project or studio.

21. Do I have to pay for a web license every month?

No. The web license has no time limits and is paid only once when buying.

22. I am a student. Can I get a free font for a school project?

No. However, you can download a trial version of each font, which will allow you to create layouts. These layouts can then be published on the Internet and on social networks, provided that the font or fonts used are clearly indicated.

23. I think I'm a bad designer, what should I do?

Yo bro, there are no good and bad designers. Keep doing what you like and don't stop.

There is no answer to my question here.

If you have not found an answer to your question, write to me by email, I will try to answer.

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