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Dulya — is such a broken handwriting. Such a handwriting would be written by a naughty child at school. In fact, I decided to create this font when I saw the inscription "Doula" on the fence, there was a clumsy handwriting and it was clear that the pupils wrote. There is some geometric logic in the font, for example, in the rounding of the endings or the nodes of the joints. But this is not a font according to the grid or canons, and the mood is born from this. Thanks to the consistent elements, although it is very bright, it looks evenly in a text set.


Supports: Basic and Extended Latin, Cyrillic, Diacritics, Numbers, Punctuation, Currencies, Uppercase & lowercase.

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Pesotsky Viktor
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Hi, I'm a man and designer, now I live and work in Moscow. For the last few years, I have been inventing and designing fonts.